"Machida Philharmonic Chorus" as for the abbreviation is "MPC"

May 28,1995 Machida Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra ( MPSO ) play Mahler's Symphony No.2 "Resurrection" as a special performance of the 20th anniversary of the foundation in Tokyo Metropolitan Theater. Conducted by late (died in 2020) Mr. Shunji ARATANI musical director.

 The Machida Philharmonic Chorus was formed as a collaborative choir for the performance of Mahler's Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection" above.

From 1995 to now, the MPC has performed many masterpieces with orchestras, mainly for the citizens of Machida, Sagamihara and Yokohama cities.  ( Machida: Tokyo, Sagamihara, Yokohama: Kanagawa prefecture )


We receive strict but warm guidance from the late Mr. Aratani, Mr. Tsuji, and Mr. Kohzai at every practice, and we all work to achieve a high standard of performances.

Records of Performance

●21st         2024       J.S Bach: Cantata BWV147, Magnificat BWV243, F.P Schubert: Mass No.2

●Special     2023  Shunji ARATANI Memorial Concert     J. Brahms "Wiegenlied "  / Rentaro TAKI  "Hana"  /  Verdi " Va pensiero "

●20th         2023      Mozart: Mass in C minor KV427, Mendelssohn: Psalm 24

●19th       2021     Saburo TAKATA "Four seasons of Heart"/ Verdi: ” Requiem "  Re-challenge!

●19th       2020     Saburo TAKATA "Four seasons of Heart"/ Verdi: ” Requiem "  

          It was called off for new model coronavirus ”Covid-19” infection spread.

●18th      2019     W.A. Mozart "Vesperae " K.339 / Bruckner "Mass in F minor"

●17th      2018     J. Brahms "Nanie (Lament)" Brahms "German requiem"

●16th        2017     W.A. Mozart “Coronation mass” in C K317 / Opera selection and others

●15th        2016     J. Haydn "The seasons"

●Special    2015     Shunji ARATANI 85 years old celebration concert: requiem selections, collection of masterpieces

●14th        2014     Saburo TAKATA "The Soul of Water"/ Makiko KINOSHITA "Evil faith esoteric melodies"/ Minoru MIKI "Requiem"

●13th        2013     F. Mendelssohn "St. Paul"

●12th        2012     J. S. Bach "Mass in B minor"

●11th        2010     G.F. Handel "Messiah"

●10th        2009     J. S. Bach "Matthew Passion "

●  9th        2007     J. Haydn "Creation"

●Special    2007      L.V. Beethoven symphony No.9

●  8th        2006      A. Dvorak: “Stabat Mater”

●  7th        2005      Wagner & Verdi opera masterpiece choice

●  6th        2003      W.A. Mozart: "Requiem"/ Bruckner: “Te Deum”

●Special    2002      L.V. Beethoven symphony No.9

●  5th        2002      G. Verdi: “Requiem”

●  4th       2001      L.V. Beethoven " Missa solemnis "

●Special    2000      G. Bizet: Carmen (concert type in Japanese)

●  3rd       1999      Carl Orff : "Carmina Burana " / Joseph Haydn " Kleine Orgelmesse "

●  2nd      1998      J. Brahms: "Germany Requiem"

●  1st       1996      Collection of G. Faure "Requiem" / Opera chorus masterpieces

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Machida Philharmonic Chorus

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